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Carol A Anthony reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
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My daughter's 7 year old birthday party was so much fun for the kids and adults also. Mr Ron Russo was so funny and the kids love him.

Melissa Wintle Davy reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
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My two children (10 and 11 years old) and I have been training at Mastery for 6 years. Training has transformed from an activity to a lifestyle for all 3 of us. Mastery goes far beyond the stereotypical "kicking and punching" of martial arts training and instills the principles of mental and social development in conjunction with physical training. I see the benefits of this holistic approach in not only my children, but also in myself as we apply Mastery's lessons to our daily lives. Becoming Mastery students has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made for our family.

Karen Hilton reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
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What started out as a whim has now become a full blown obsession. My daughter and I have met amazing people on this journey at Mastery Martial Arts in Cranston to our black belts. The instructors have a great way with kids, have a sense of humor, and know how to hold your attention and motivate. They focus on so much more than the physical aspect of the sport. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of the challenges our training has presented and would highly recommend this Academy to anyone interested in enjoying family and friend time and creating a better "you".

Linda Tellier reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
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4 seasons of family time, fitness, positive role models, strong values, good friends. 7 members of our family, aged 3-48 attend. And each one of us is benefiting from the challenge as we become stronger mentally and physically.

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Our latest news & thoughts

Kids won’t “Grow out of it”

I hear parents say
He/she will GROW out of it…

Will they grow out of Shyness
and into Confidence Naturally?

Or is it more Powerful and Probably to
Prompt it
Support it
Encourage it
Reward it
OVER and OVER and OVER and OVER again

So that Confidence isn’t Accidental but Intentional.

A shy 2 year old is cute and non damaging to child
A shy 15 year old is will limit growth and hurt self esteem
A shy Adult will NEVER live life to their Fullest!!!!!