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Carol A Anthony reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter's 7 year old birthday party was so much fun for the kids and adults also. Mr Ron Russo was so funny and the kids love him.

Melissa Wintle Davy reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

My two children (10 and 11 years old) and I have been training at Mastery for 6 years. Training has transformed from an activity to a lifestyle for all 3 of us. Mastery goes far beyond the stereotypical "kicking and punching" of martial arts training and instills the principles of mental and social development in conjunction with physical training. I see the benefits of this holistic approach in not only my children, but also in myself as we apply Mastery's lessons to our daily lives. Becoming Mastery students has been one of the best decisions my husband and I have ever made for our family.

Karen Hilton reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

What started out as a whim has now become a full blown obsession. My daughter and I have met amazing people on this journey at Mastery Martial Arts in Cranston to our black belts. The instructors have a great way with kids, have a sense of humor, and know how to hold your attention and motivate. They focus on so much more than the physical aspect of the sport. We have thoroughly enjoyed all of the challenges our training has presented and would highly recommend this Academy to anyone interested in enjoying family and friend time and creating a better "you".

Linda Tellier reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

4 seasons of family time, fitness, positive role models, strong values, good friends. 7 members of our family, aged 3-48 attend. And each one of us is benefiting from the challenge as we become stronger mentally and physically.

Kate Finegan Popowich reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

My daughter felt so at home here after an awesome birthday party for a friend, that we now drive from Pawtucket because it's worth every moment!

Meagan Sharum reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

When we decided to sign up for our family package with Mastery I was thinking... sure! I'll do some Kick boxing classes.. My Husband decided he wanted to try out karate with the kids... so since everyone was doing karate I decided to join as well.. Due to lack of confidence I was not very sure about how great I would do in the class. After a couple classes I started realizing.. not only are these classes amazing for my children's confidence but my own as well. We have all been with Mastery for about 2 months now and we couldn't see ourselves NOT doing this together as a family. We feel welcome at Mastery MA we feel like we have a connection to the instructors, friendships with our peers. Its all just a normal routine now that we just couldnt not have in our weekly schedule. Not only is Mastery amazing for our family but its great for me and my husband as well. Not only are we partners for many of our Karate classes but we also get a free night to ourselves once a month during parents night out. A day where we can feel comfortable bringing our children to be watched after by Mastery so we can have time to ourselves.. If you are looking for something for your children or even your whole family to partake in. Give Mastery MA a try... Its absolutely amazing.

Holly Ann Salerno reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

We signed our son up about a year ago in hopes that we would make some progress in his behavioral issues, like discipline, respect and focus. His behavior at home has surely improved, and a few months ago I joined him on the mat. We love doing this together. It's a great workout, and it teaches so many great skills, not just for kids!

Tiara Wynkoop-Hill reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

Awesome staff, super helpful and positive. They make sure students are doing well at home and school as well! Not to mention parents night out every other month

Shawn Patrick Fargen reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

This is a MUST STOP for all families😁in Johnston. The team here is amazing. There is an immediate feeling of "family" within all ranks. I highly recommend!!🥋

Veronica Sandoval-Freenor reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

This is by far the greatest investment we've made toward out daughters future. The leadership program is helping her become more confident in herself. She's having so much fun doing something she never thought she could do. Thank you to all the staff members for your encouragement and support.

Susy Jauregui reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

After doing a research and checking out numerous places we are so happy to have chosen Mastery for our son. Amazing atmosphere, great leaders and role models is what we see each at each class. There's a difference between doing a job and being passionate about something, that's what makes the difference here, the passion to share what they know. Looking forward to the day our son becomes a black belt and all the memories he's making here!

Lee Beauchamp reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

Me and my son take class here and it has changed or lives!!! Really great experience!! And teaches u about life skills and self defense and lots more.if you have the chance take a class you will see.. And a special thanks the mr. Pezzillo and his team!

Damian Walsh reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son Jayden has been a part of this program a little over a month, and already we see an improvement in his effort, self esteem, and discipline. He feels good leaving karate and we couldn't be happier with the amazing staff! They don't give hand-outs to the kids like everything else;, however they're always acknowledged and positively reinforced encouraging them to do their best all the time! 5 stars

Wade Richmond reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

Just did my granddaughter's 7th birthday party here today ... And they did a GREAT job!! Very friendly, kids loved it, and a very positive message runs throughout everything they did. Highly recommend it!!

Patricia Franco DiPaolo reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

After having struggled for a number of years to get our son active & involved in an organized sport, we finally found something that he LOVES. Our child has ADHD & learning disabilities and not to mention is very shy & lacked self confidence. I was afraid that he would have a hard time keeping focus & wanting to quit. That was not the case here. I've never seen him so focused & excited. I commend Master West's dedication to all his students. He takes pride in each & everyone at all levels & all ages. His leadership skills have captured our sons full attention & after only a short time we already find his confidence building. He may not have perfected the forms yet, but he does not quit & knows he WILL get there. Not to mention the leadership class was the best decision we could have made. I couldn't believe my eyes, when after only a couple classes he is volunteering to lead the class. I couldn't be more proud of how much he's already accomplished & couldn't be more thankful & impressed with Master West & his MIT's for the great leadership skills & role models they are to all their students.

Jesse Thomas reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

You want to see respect, confidence and leadership? I saw a seven year old kid get up in front of a room full of people of all ages and, without hesitation, stand tall and yell orders for the room to follow. He then volunteered several times to demonstrate the knowledge of his art in front of everybody. This same seven year old kid then proceeded to recite from memory a lengthy creed, which the room repeated after him. His acceptance of his mistakes and his willingness to keep trying till he gets it perfect is a testimonial to his ongoing transformation. This seven year old is my son...the place that deserves the credit: Mastery Martial Arts - Smithfield.
Thanks to Chief Instructor Ryan West, and his whole staff of instructors.

Daniel Pires reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

When I first took my 5 year old daughter to Mastery Martial Arts Smithfield I was looking for her took get active and make some new friends but what I and my daughter received was so much more , it's a very active class , she has made many new friends but she has also learned that with hard work come the rewards, my daughter absolutely loves it she has been at it for 2 years and is now preparing for her apprentice black belt all with the help from Mr Ryan West

Lois Macdonald reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

We started a trial session and just signed up for classes after the trial is done. 2 classes in my husband and i love what it's doing for our son. Hoping to continue to be able to take our son and see him blossom more.

Janelle McCabe Reed reviewed Mastery Martial Arts
via Facebook

We just moved to the area and my husband found this place close to our home. They currently are both taking karate and LOVE IT! I cannot say enough positive things about Mastery. Mr. West always points out not only the positive, but guides the kids to do better and keep trying. It's great to see the teenagers in there helping the kids too. All the staff is great! (Obviously we love this place.) If you're looking for a place that will not only challenge your children but place them into a "family" this is def the spot!

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Our latest news & thoughts

How to Build your Child’s Self Esteem

Parenting is a wonderful experience and one of the
greatest responsibilities on Earth.

If you are a parent, you know what I’m talking about when I say that I am truly blessed for my children and for everything they have taught me so far.

However, I would also be lying if I didn’t admit that it can sometimes turn into a rocky ride. What I mean is, we all know parenting can be the cause for a lot of pain and sorrow. You know what I’m talking about, right?

You know that feeling you have inside, that sits at the top of your stomach, a big heavy lump that can sometimes be the cause of thoughts such as:

~ Am I doing the right thing for my child, am I getting this right?
~ Am I making the right kind of choices for them?
~ Is this behavior normal for kids their age?
~ Is this just a phase, will he grow out of it?’

Maybe what really worries us is that we know that our kids can be just like us, and maybe that’s what can get us really ticked off and uncomfortable.

We know exactly what our buttons are, exactly what our regrets are, we can close our eyes and recount the times that we believe we failed and now, with hindsight, we also know what we could have done better, what could have helped in a situation just like the situation our kids are facing.

We vowed we would teach them better, so that they wouldn’t have to go through the same.

‘How can I teach my child to have the feeling that they are good enough?
That feeling that they believe in themselves?
That one feeling the carry with them always and that lets them know that they can accomplish anything they want? ‘

The answer to all these questions lies, quite simply, in self esteem.

A child with low self esteem is a child that: has negative self talk;
who is more of a follower to others than a leader to themselves;
a child that participates less in school and learning environments;
that struggles with making friends;
that is at a higher risk for being bullied;
and that is generally less happy.

Overall, the issue of having low self-esteem can be very damaging to the psyche of a child.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. We can teach our children how to overcome their low self-esteem and become the young, bright, self-assured minds we know they are, deep down inside.

Suffering is a choice. And there will always be things we, as parents, can do to improve our children’s choices and outcomes. If you are like me, you may be terrified thinking about the looming teenage years. But the secret to a happy, turbulent free start to an adult life lies in the same answer we’ve seen before: in self-esteem.

We believe that your child’s self esteem MUST be strong by the time they are headed into those difficult teenage years. Your child needs to know there’s a world out there for them to conquer, if they just believe in themselves.

But how do we instill in them this voice that constantly tells them they are good, they are worthy, they can get over a hard time, no matter what that hard time is, be it bad grades, or a new school, or a divorce?

How do we make them see they deserve the world, and how do we teach them the right attitudes and the right behaviors to succeed?

Today, the world is already very different from the world you grew up in. You might even be struggling to understand the exact scenarios your child is faced with, everyday. And this change will continue to accelerate, creating challenges for our children we could never even imagine. These outside forces and changing landscape are difficult enough – but growing up can be even more devastating to someone who feels so insecure and questions their existence on a daily basis.

Building your child’s self esteem requires your utmost attention. If not addressed early on, your child’s self-esteem and ensuing behaviors are something that will haunt both of you for the rest of your life. And yet, parenting doesn’t come with a booklet. And many parents themselves recognize they lack the tools and strategies to get ahead in their own life.

So how do you do this?

You start by recognizing You are your child’s biggest Influence.
You are the one your child is going to look at as a model, to try and figure out the behaviors they should use to interpret the situations they are in.

Accordingly, You should use this time, when they are younger and while you still have much of their attention, to build up their confidence.

To give them the tools, the right mindset they can take with them everywhere to know how to face any situation that comes their way.

To do this, the first thing you have to do, the very first step, begins with You taking a stand as a parent that you will do everything and anything in your power to make sure your child has rock solid self-esteem.

1. You have to become good at coaching your child through this process.
2. Start with reading everything you can on how to build your child’s self esteem.
3. Take daily actions so you can help your child to discover their self worth.
4. Know that a child’s childhood will be the building block for a lifetime of happiness and success.
5. Ask for help!

 Getting it right the First time is Crucial for your Child’s Happiness.

My name is Greg Horton, Founder of Mastery Martial Arts. Our team of Instructors specialize in helping parents help their kids thrive in life by building their self-esteem to get them through adversity. We help children become the smart, confident, compassionate leader they are so capable of becoming.

We do this using 21st Century teaching strategies that will have your child accelerating their learning capabilities, finding their voice, and strengthening their body.

Many parents see a positive change in their child in a very short period of time.

The right environment, the right kind of teaching, the right amount of challenge for them to learn that they are strong, and capable of overcoming any challenge with the right tools and mindset.

We have a simple 4 step character development process that we have been teaching for the last 20 years and that your child will love. We have been helping shy kids get out of their shell and transform into community leaders faster than you ever thought was possible.

And if this sounds crazy to you, we understand. We saw how parents were struggling to give their children that Advantage in life they need to live a healthy, happy and prosperous future.  Thats how and why we created the Mastery Leadership program

Helping kids become the Leaders of tomorrow and giving them the foundation to be successful in life is a parent’s greatest responsibility. This means preparing your child for the most difficult times of their life, giving them the confidence and security most parents have never had, and wish they did.

We do this by working with Incredible parents like yourself who take their parenting responsibility very seriously. Of course all parents give their children Love, shelter, clothing and food.  What we are talking about here is Giving your child the experience, knowledge and opportunity to Intentionally grow their self esteem.

Parents who understand that great parenting today will result in their Childs happiness for a life time.

Hey, no pressure, parents.

Childhood is the time to build the foundations of a happy, successful life. And we have specialized in giving children the toolbox they need for dealing with whatever it is life has in store for them.

If this seems interesting to you, then you should go ahead and book a 10-minute call with one of our staff members, which will help explain in more detail what we do, our methodology, and how we can make a difference for your child’s future, taking lessons from the mat that they can incorporate in their lives.

Watch our Parenting webinar. How to help your child Build their Self esteem for a happy life.

Click Here to schedule a 5 Minute Discovery call with one of our instructors.  Together we can get started building your Childs Self Esteem for a life time of happiness and success.

See you soon at the Academy!